Who says you have to wait until spring to give your home that deep cleaning it’s desperately in need of? Aside from creating a warm, welcoming aesthetic for your home, cleaning has also been proven to alleviate stress. And, with a year like 2020, who doesn’t need additional stress relief?

So, now you’re motivated to clean, but do you really know how to deep clean your house the right way? When cleaning a dirty house, many mistakes are often made.

Keep reading below to learn 5 cleaning mistakes you may be making and how to correct them.

1. Waiting Too Long Before You Clean

It can be extremely tempting to put off your deep cleaning until after the New Year’s holiday has passed. You may want to start the new year off with one big cleaning spree. But why not go into the new year with your home already cleaned?

Think about all of the New Year’s resolutions that go undone every year. Trust us, you do NOT want your home added to that list.

Over time, small messes will turn into a huge problem. If you neglect to start the cleaning process as soon as you notice things are out of place or dirty, your home will require more time and effort to properly clean and organize later on.

Start cleaning as soon as you notice things need to be cleaned!

2. Trying to Clean Everything on the Same Day

You are one person, and even if you have help, it is best to break cleaning and organizing into microtask.

Instead of trying to clean the entire house from top to bottom on the same day, take the time to sit and write down everything that needs to be done. From there, try to tackle cleaning by rooms, or by task. For example, you may choose to clean the bathroom one day, and the living room the next day.

The way that tasks are broken down, and the time it takes to complete each task, will all depend on how dirty your home is. If you try to clean everything on the same day, chances are higher that you will feel too overwhelmed to finish your home’s deep clean.

3. Cleaning in the Wrong Order

Always start to clean your home from the top to the bottom and never in the reverse order. Start with removing cobwebs, and dust, cleaning the walls and windows, and then tackle the floors.

If you choose to clean in the reverse order, dust and other particles will quickly build upon the floors you have already cleaned.

4. Use Cleaners Properly

Always read the instructions of a cleaner before use.

Many cleaners have suggested times that a product needs to sit on a surface before the product is able to penetrate the dirt/scum underneath it, or before a surface can be considered properly disinfected.

Also, be cautious to never mix powerful cleaning solutions with each other as they will create harmful fumes.

5. Cleaning With Unwashed Rags and Sponges

Many of us have old rags or sponges that we use for cleaning. But simply rinsing and ringing out an old rag that’s used for cleaning will not help us the next time we need to clean and can even spread germs.

Be sure to throw away any old sponges that have begun to hold odor or no longer scrubs the same. Dispose of rags that have too many holes as they will prevent proper cleaning – and always wash cleaning rags and sponges in the washer or dishwasher before using them to clean again.

Lastly, always switch rags or sponges when you clean a different part of the house. For example, never use a rag used to clean the bathroom to clean the kitchen.

How to Deep Clean Your House the Right Way!

Now that you’ve learned how to deep clean your house the correct way, why not get started? If time is a bit of an issue for you don’t let things get out of control–there’s help!

Contact us for a quote today, and we will be happy to provide the assistance you need to get your home back into tip-top shape!