After the holiday season, with all the decorations and partying, is over, a deep cleaning is the next big agenda for your home. And since you will have a few indoors days, what better time to take on the task of sprucing up the place, including the areas that are often overlooked!

You should start the year on a clean slate, and this begins with cleaning your home. That is why we have put together a list of ten deep cleaning chores that are a must-do this month. You can tackle them over the weekend or bookmark and check them off over the next two weeks if you have a lot on your hand to do.

1). Fridge:

After the refrigerator handling its fair share of holiday leftovers, now is the perfect time to wipe the shelves and have it looking spotless in and out. You should use microfiber cloths for this and an all-purpose household cleaner, preferably something made from plant-based ingredients. You should unplug the fridge from the power and pull it away from the wall before you start cleaning. You can use a brushing tool to scrub the coils and then vacuum them.

2). Oven:

Avoid using oven cleaners that have corrosive chemicals that can lead to health problems. You can turn to homemade cleaning solutions that are both safe and effective. For instance, you can create a cleaning paste made from a tablespoon of dish soap, half a cup of baking soda, and a bit of water. You can then apply the mixture onto the grime and stains on the inner and outer walls of the oven. Let the past sit for around five or so minutes then wipe it off using a wet microfiber cloth or damp cotton rag. You can wrap the fabric on a long-handled spoon or a spatula to be able to reach and clean the back of the oven.

3). Cabinets:

Who said that dish soap is meant for pots and pans? It can also serve as an effective degreaser for most surfaces in the kitchen. Use it to get rid of gummy fingerprints, spattered oils, and stains on the countertops as well as the cabinets. Do not be afraid to do a bit of scrubbing; you should use a soft-bristled brush and soapy water. Then wipe the surfaces with a dumb rag. Make sure that you cover the inside edges and corners of the cabinets.

4). Bathrooms:

The bathroom is where your family enjoys its regular cleaning. Therefore, the tub or shower and the bathroom sink should look immaculate, hence their need for a bit of extra attention, more so after the heavy traffic over the holiday. A deep clean is the way to go, but it does not imply the use of harsh chemicals. For instance, you can clean the tub, walls, and floor using an organic seventh-generation tub & tile cleaner. Apply the cleaner, let it sit for about five minutes, then scrub the surfaces using a stiff brush, and rinse them with clean water.

5). Windows:

Most window cleaners contain isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, and other ingredients that can irritate the skin and lungs. If you want the gunk on your window’s decals gone, then apply a dollop of mayonnaise, let it sit a few seconds then scrape it off using a plastic spatula. You can use an organic seventh-generation glass and surface cleaner on the frame and ledge. Spray a bit of the cleaner on a clean microfiber cloth that you will use to wipe the glass pane, working from top to both in a “Z” pattern. Remember to clean inside and outside of your windows and glass doors.

6). Vent covers:

Cleaning the vent covers will significantly add to the level of indoor air quality in your home. The vents help to get rid of dust bunnies and allergens. Cleaning it improves its efficiency. Unscrew the vent covers and place them in a sink filled with hot soapy water. Shake them a bit and then rinse and wipe them with a rag or leave them to dry. Consider replacing the worn-out vent covers.

7). Carpet:

The carpets in your home will have endured a lot of traffic over the holiday. Therefore, they have accumulated dirt, dust, stains, allergens, and pet dander. Cleaning them will freshen them, and you do not have to rely on special cleaners. You can use some baking soda, sprinkling it on the carpet, allowing it to sit for about an hour or so and then running a brush and vacuuming. It will clean and deodorize the carpets.

8). Mattress:

Use baking soda to get rid of funk in your mattress when you are cleaning your bed. Remove the sheets and mattress covers to wash and air-dry them outside under the sun. Then sprinkle some baking soda to freshen up the matters. You can add a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil for an aromatherapy boost. Rub the baking soda on the mattress, let it sit for an hour and then vacuum it up.

9). Bedding:

As your mattress airs out, you should launder your bedding. That means washing the bedsheets, blankets, mattress cover, duvet, and pillowcases. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning and use organic cleaners. Add an extra rinse cycle when machine washing the bedding to get rid of any lingering detergent. Check the laundry volume to avoid overloading the machine; ensure that you keep it balanced. Consider taking the bulky items, such as the duvets and comforters, to the laundromat where there are larger washing machines. Add some tennis balls to fluff the bedding when it is time to dry the beddings and choose a low drying setting.

10). Washing machine:

As the washing machine does what is expected of it, it too needs some TLC. You should not overlook it when cleaning the rest of your home. Get rid of the detergent buildup and mineral deposits that collect over time. Pour two cups of vinegar in the drum and a cup of baking soda and run the empty machine as you would when doing your laundry. Use an all-purpose organic cleaner and a rag to clean the rubber gasket around the door (for the front-loader) and the rim of the tub as well as under the lid (for the top-loader).

Once you are done with your weekend cleaning, place a winter scent on the stovetop to give your house that homey smell.