Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-06-13T13:08:59-04:00
How do I know when you’re coming?2023-06-16T11:09:38-04:00

You will receive an email 3 days prior to your appointment, a text message 1 day prior to your appointment, and finally your cleaning technician will text when she is on her way.

How do I make changes to my existing service?2022-06-14T12:23:11-04:00

Contact our office at 317-759-3330 or at least 2 business day prior

When are you available?2022-06-14T12:21:29-04:00

Our office hours are from 7:30am to 5pm Our cleaning technicians work 9-5 Monday through Friday. We are not available on weekends or major holidays.

What form of payment do you accept?2022-06-14T12:10:23-04:00

We currently accept check or cash on the day of your cleaning. Please leave it on your kitchen counter. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American express, which we will take when you set to pay by credit card we will keep it in a securely encrypted file and it will be automatically charged after each service.

Should I add a tip?2022-06-14T12:08:22-04:00

Tipping is greatly appreciated, but not required. It is a great way to show appreciation to your cleaner for all of their hard work. All tips go directly to your cleaner, the average tip is 15-25%.

Are you insured?2022-06-14T12:07:04-04:00

YES! Cleaning Spaces is bonded and insured. We also provide workers compensation and pay all employment taxes for our employees.

What if I want something that isn’t included?2022-06-14T12:05:55-04:00

We offer an array of Add-On services, which can be booked along with your main cleaning. If you are looking for a specific cleaning service that is not listed, please call our office to ask about special request availability and pricing.

When will the cleaners arrive?2022-06-14T12:03:48-04:00

If your are scheduled in the morning time, your cleaner will arrive at 9am, barring traffic issues etc. If you are scheduled in the afternoon, we ask for a 2 hour window from your quoted arrival. IE if you are Quoted at 12:30, our window is 11:30 to 1:30 … Both morning and afternoon technicians will text with a better ETA when they are on their way.

How long will the cleaning take?2022-06-14T12:01:36-04:00

The amount of time a cleaning will take varies. It is dependent on the size and condition of your home, as well as which service you have requested. Your cleaner is a trained professional, so don’t be surprised if we are finished in less time than you expect.

Will I always have the same cleaner?2022-06-14T12:00:15-04:00

We know it’s easy to love our cleaners. We try very hard to keep you with the same cleaner. It’s easier on our clients and our cleaners. However, there will be times that it is not possible, at which time we will send a different cleaner that is also easy to love.

How many cleaners will you send?2022-06-14T11:58:32-04:00

Mostly you will have one cleaner, except for larger jobs which will have two or more.

Who Supplies the cleaning equipment?2023-06-16T11:12:02-04:00

Cleaning Spaces supplies most of the tools and all of the cleaning products we will need to clean your home. We do ask that, when possible, you provide the following: a vacuum and a toilet brush for each bathroom. If you are having us do recurring services, we ask you to have an extension duster if it’s needed in your home. Providing these items helps prevent cross-contamination from home to home. If we are cleaning an empty home we will bring in all supplies.

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