Did you know that clutter actually makes it hard to focus? It can send stress hormones throughout your body, meaning you can’t concentrate on tasks as easily. Decluttering, then, is a great way to reduce this stress. Not only does it allow you more time to get to the things you enjoy, but it gives you extra space to enjoy it all in. If you’re ready to learn about how to get a healthy home, keep reading.

Does Everything Have a Home?

The first step to decluttering is giving everything a home. If it doesn’t have a home and you can’t think of something to create one with, it’s likely that item isn’t serving a direct purpose in your home.

Starting with this step can mean a lot less thinking later down the line. That means it can make the entire process easier for you as well.

Create a Clutter Zone

This doesn’t (and shouldn’t) need to be a huge portion of your home, but a small section of floor or a tabletop is perfect. This area is meant for things like mail and packages that you’ve yet to sort through but will soon.

You can even place a basket or box in this area for things that have to be put away to sit.

Having a dedicated space for the clutter to live temporarily gives it a home. You just have to keep up with sorting it all regularly.

Get Into the Right Mindset

Decluttering your home and even minimizing require the proper headspace. If you’re not ready to part with your things, then you’re not going to effectively work through all the things taking valuable space in your home.

Getting into the proper headspace beforehand can make a world of difference in the long run. It also means you’re less likely to allow the clutter to build again.

Get Rid of Things as You Purchase New Items

When you get a new item — like a pair of shoes — it’s smart to turn to the “one in one out” rule. That means getting rid of a pair of shoes after you’ve bought the new ones.

This also works for other clothing items, towels, blankets, and even holiday decorations. It saves you from dealing with a buildup down the line, but it allows you to not be limited in purchasing new things for you and your home. It also gives you an organized home.

Remember, if you need to get rid of a pair of pants or shorts, just do it as soon as possible.

Here’s to a Healthy Home

Once you’ve gone through the process of decluttering your space, you’re likely going to feel like you’ve created your ideal healthy home. In the long run, that’s actually going to be true.

Since you have less to clean, allergens like dust and pet fur are less likely to linger — meaning cleaner air.

Hiring a professional cleaning company also makes this step simple. Contact us today to get started.