Do you feel like you’re living in an antique store even though your home isn’t old? Are you living under a layer of dust? No matter how often you clean, can you not keep your surfaces clear? Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one. Keeping a dust-free home is tricky, even for the neatest of clean freaks. Allergies, air quality, and cleanliness are only a few reasons why you should want your home to be dust-free.

Here are 5 tips that will help you achieve a dust-free home.

1. Take Your Shoes Off or Wear House Shoes

You bring home more than 80% of the dust in your home on the bottom of your shoes. Think about all the places you walk and all the opportunities your shoes have to gather dust and dander from outside.

If you wear your shoes in the house, you’re depositing all of that outdoor dirt, dust, and dander around your home. The best solution is not to wear shoes in the house or wear house shoes or slippers instead.

2. Entry and Door Mats

On a similar note, you want to prevent as much dust from entering your home as possible. This means cleaning off the bottoms of your shoes before you enter the house.

Get a doormat and an entry rug for every door that goes outside. This will help remove a lot of the dirt, dust, and home allergens before you enter your home.

3. Clean Air Ducts

Dust might be literally blowing around your home before settling on hard surfaces. Your air ducts might need a major cleaning to prevent dust from swirling throughout your house.

Wipe down air ducts, floor registers, and vent covers, and you’ll see a difference in the indoor air quality. This is one of the best clean home hacks to add to your cleaning schedule.

4. Wash Soft Surfaces

You shouldn’t only worry about the dust you can see, but also the dust that might be collecting out of sight. Your bedding, mattress, and pillows will get a build-up of dead skin, dander, and dust mites over time.

Combat this by vacuuming your mattress every few months. You should also wash your bedding weekly and your comforter monthly.

5. Effective Vacuuming

Your biggest defense for dust and dander in your home is vacuuming, but only if you do it effectively. You should vacuum each room at least once a week and high-traffic areas every other day.

Be sure to work in slow, even overlapping strokes. Vacuum in one direction wall-to-wall and then change directions 90 degrees and go wall-to-wall again. This will allow you to pick up much more dust.

Achieve a Dust-Free Home

Home allergens or unpleasant sights, there are a ton of reasons not to want dust in your home. But keeping a dust-free home isn’t always the easiest task. Luckily, despite the difficulty, it’s not an impossible task.

Keep these five tips in mind while cleaning and living in your home. If you’re proactive, it’s much easier to keep your home dust-free. In no time, you’ll be living in the clean home of your dreams.

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