As you’re taking a glance out of your window, you notice something disturbing. You take another sip of your coffee and squint. No, it can’t be. It’s the last thing you wanted to see this morning.

It’s a large smudge all the way down your window, and you just cleaned them yesterday. You’re sick and tired of putting in the work and getting poor results.

To help yourself out, make sure to keep reading. There are 5 window cleaning tips you need below.

1. Remove Dirt

Before you get started spraying the window down, make sure to wipe off all dirt from the surface. It may sound easy, but you may need to study up on how to get rid of dust and dirt. It can be harder than it sounds.

Your window cleaning efforts will be a waste if you’re just smearing around dirt on the glass. Save yourself the trouble and dust it down.

2. Break the Job Up

A sure way to miss spots and cause streaks is to burn yourself out with tons of window cleaning. As much as you want all the windows clean in one day, break up the work between a few days.

This way, you’ll prevent yourself from burnout and visual overload. If you were to do it all in one day, you’d be haphazardly cleaning by the end just to get it over with. No one likes dealing with dissatisfaction after a day of sweat.

3. Make Your Own Solution

You don’t have to blow a bunch of money on fancy cleaners from the store. You can make your own right in the comfort of your home.

Take a few minutes to read up on some DIY window cleaning solutions, grab the ingredients and get going! You probably already have some ingredients, like vinegar. It’s window cleaning made easy.

4. Clean on a Dry Day

One of your worst enemies while cleaning the windows is humidity. Wait for a day when it’s cloudy and dry. Moisture will only mess you up.

5. Don’t Hold Back

A window cleaning tip some people are scared of is using plenty of solution. It’s okay to not be shy with it.

In order to properly dissolve some of the dirt, you’ll need to spritz on tons of liquid. You can always lay down a towel on the floor if you’re worried about it pooling up below where you’re working.

Once you having it all on there, work quickly and efficiently!

Window Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Achieving completely clean windows can seem like an impossible task. With these window cleaning tips, life just got a whole lot easier for you.

Make sure to break up the task between a few days so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Clean on a dry day, and spritz generously when you’re cleaning. Once it’s all done, you’ll be able to sip your coffee and look out onto the yard in peace.

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