Your home is your castle. Your home is your sanctuary.

But let’s face it — the castle’s not looking so regal nowadays. And at this point, you’d almost rather run away from your so-called sanctuary than run to it.

That dust that’s driving you crazy is more than just a nuisance, though. Did you know that a recent study from Washington University found more than 45 types of chemicals in household dust, the most common of which was flame retardant?

Not pretty, is it? But don’t despair! Hope is not lost! Read on to learn more about the best way to dust and liberate your castle from all those nasty contaminates!

Why It Matters

Taking pains to learn how to clean dust from your home is about more than making the house look and smell pretty.

Dust isn’t just stinky and unsightly. It’s a downright health hazard. We’re not just talking about the potentially toxic chemicals found in that Washington University study, either.

The American Lung Association found that the average home in the US houses up to one million dust mites per person living in the house!

And if you have asthma or allergies, that is a very big deal. Dust mites can lead to chronic and debilitating symptoms.

These often include inflamed, watery eyes; itchy skin; a stuffy or runny nose, and chronic cough. In other words, you generally feel tired and miserable. All. The. Time.

It’s worse, however, if you have asthma, because exposure to the massive amounts of dander and fecal material (yes, we said it) these little buggers shed each day can trigger more frequent and more severe asthma attacks.

If your asthma is severe, the consequences can be fatal.

So, What is the Best Way to Dust?

Obviously, getting rid of dust is far more than a cosmetic issue, but it takes some strategy to do it right.  And it helps immensely to use the right tools.

1. Start at the Top

This may seem obvious, but it’s actually something a lot of people overlook. When you want to give your house a good dusting, aim high and then go low.

Focus on chandeliers, light fixtures, and other high surfaces first. That way, you can swab up any particles that fall from these surfaces as you work your way down.

2. Get the Right Tools

When you dust, you want to make sure you’re using the right tools for the job. Otherwise, you’re just spreading the dust particles around or, worse, stirring them up into the air.

Microfiber is one of the best materials for capturing and holding on to those stubborn particles, so look for dusters, mops, and other supplies that use microfiber.

3. Suck It Up

Remember that the air filters scattered throughout our homes are there for a reason. These are in fact among your most powerful weapons in the war against dust mites.

But you have to treat them well. That means cleaning and replacing your air filters often, usually as frequently as once a month.

Dehumidifiers and air purifiers are also a great way to add a little oomph to your dust-fighting regime. Just, again, make sure to keep the filters clean and clear.

And don’t forget to flip them on prior to cleaning. They will suck a great deal of the particles out of the air, leaving less of the grimy work for you!

4. Don’t Forget Fido and Fluffy

When it comes to dust pollution, there are few worse offenders than our four-legged furry family. But you don’t have to send Fido to the dog house or Fluffy to feline lock-down.

Instead, just practice good pet hygiene. Brush and bathe your pets regularly, especially if they’re of the long-haired variety.

Not only will this cut down on the pet dander released into the air, but it will also provide great bonding time for you and your animal companion.

And don’t forget to wash and change pet beds often. You might even consider using washable slipcovers in areas where your furry friends like to chill out or cuddle up.

5. Call in the Experts

When it comes to enlisting the help of cleaning service, there is no shame in the game! Professional cleaning services have the equipment, the skill, and the time that you probably simply do not have. They can give you the gleaming home you dream of and deserve.

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Remember, the war against dust is never-ending. You need a strategy to learn the best way to dust and commitment to win the battle against those pesky dust mites.

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