No matter how small your space is, never lose your favorite spice again! Learn how to organize a pantry like a professional.

Have you ever opened your pantry to grab a simple snack but ended up spending a long time searching for it?

If you have to dig around your pantry every time you use it, then it’s time for a good cleaning. Although organizing your pantry can take a while, this chore is always worth the effort because it’ll save you lots of time in the long run.

Do you want to learn how to organize a pantry like a pro? Keep reading for some helpful tips.

Declutter by Checking Expiration Dates

The first step you should do to organize your pantry is to take everything out and read all of the labels. If anything is expired, you can throw it out to make more room and eliminate clutter.

Once you’re ready to put everything back, you can place the older items in the front so they get used first.

Group Similar Items Together

A simple but effective pantry organization tip is to group similar items together so you always have a general idea of where everything is. Some examples of groups could be boxed food like pasta, canned goods, produce, and dry foods like oatmeal and rice. Whenever you need something from the pantry, you can limit your search to one small section instead of the whole pantry.

Use Clear Jars for Better Visualization

One of the best pantry storage ideas is to transfer opened food into clear containers like glass jars.

Not only can this technique help keep your food fresher, but it helps you see everything inside your pantry better. Since many pantries are full of colorfully packaged goods, storing your food in different containers can make the space less overwhelming to search.

Buy Pantry Storage Bins and Add Labels

Storage bins are great pantry organizers because they can help you keep your groups together over time. Since everything has a special bin, you and your loved ones are more likely to return the food to its designated spot instead of on a random shelf. Using decorative bins like wicker baskets are also a fun way to make your pantry look more inviting.

Hang Food from the Inner Doors to Maximize Space

If you’re low on space or you want to avoid overcrowding, moving some of your food to the inner doors of your pantry can make a big difference. Thanks to hanging racks, you can create more storage space to maximize your pantry.

Lightweight items like spices, chips, and cereal can all fit beautifully on a hanging rack.

Do Regular Maintenance to Avoid Big Messes

Depending on how messy or big your pantry is, cleaning it can be an all-day chore. If you want to prevent this in the future, it’s helpful to do regular smaller cleanings to stay organized. Once a month you can take a look inside and rearrange your food so that everything is back in its rightful place.

Learning How to Organize a Pantry Can Be Simple

Now that you know how to organize a pantry, you can make sure all of your food stays neat and accessible all year round.

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