Americans spend about six hours each week cleaning. That doesn’t mean they’re cleaning the right way, though.

You might not realize you’re making common bathroom cleaning mistakes until you find your bathroom requires expensive repairs. Don’t let it reach that point! Instead, keep reading to discover the five mistakes you need to avoid.

By reading this guide, you can make sure to clean your bathroom more effectively (before guests arrive).

Get started with these easy tips today!

1. Forgetting to Dust First

About 48% of people surveyed say cleaning the bathroom is the housework task that takes the longest. It’s the second most tedious task behind sweeping and dusting.

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, many people don’t realize dusting is part of the process.

If you’re not dusting before cleaning, you’ll only end up moving the dust around. Meanwhile, the bacteria you’re trying to clean away might hide within the dust.

Don’t make bathroom cleaning mistakes that make the work harder. Instead, dust first!

2. Using the Wrong Products

Many people arm themselves with a “multipurpose” cleaner before heading into the bathroom. Unfortunately, it’s not the most effective choice for every surface.

Make sure to use the right products on the right surfaces. For example, your bath tiles will need their own products. Glass and mirrors, along with sinks and countertops, need different cleaners as well.

You should also avoid:

  • Using lemon-based products to clean the toilet
  • Mixing vinegar and other acidic products with bleach
  • Using chemical drain cleaners
  • Buying in-tank toilet cleaners

Using the wrong cleaners on the wrong surfaces could degrade your bathroom over time.

Don’t rush to wipe away your cleaning products, either. Instead, let them sit for a few minutes. Some products are only effective if you let them sit before you wipe or scrub them away.

3. Using the Same Sponge Everywhere

When updating your bathroom cleaning tools, don’t forget to buy different sponges for different areas. Otherwise, you’re only transferring bacteria from one surface to the next.

Make sure to buy a separate sponge for the shower, toilet, sink, and mirrors.

4. Not Cleaning Your Brushes

Bacteria can build against your hair and toothbrushes over time. Replace your brushes every three months. Otherwise, soak them in vinegar every two weeks.

Don’t forget to clean the toilet brush as well.

Avoid putting your toilet brush away immediately. Instead, lay it across the bowl to dry to avoid creating a petri dish in the brush holder.

5. Forgetting the Exhaust Fan

Once you’re done cleaning, turn on your exhaust fan. Ventilating your bathroom will ensure heavy cleaning chemicals don’t harm your health.

Otherwise, consider switching to natural cleaning products. 

Flush Away Bad Cleaning Habits: 5 Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t let these bathroom cleaning mistakes ruin your bathroom. Instead, brush up on the right way to clean. With these tips, you can avoid expensive repairs down the road and keep your bathrooms spotless.

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