A surprise visit from the in-laws? Did your dog drag their favorite muddy toy through the house? Kids go a little crazy with the crafts?

Whatever your reason; you need to get your house clean, and fast!

Even if you’re not on a time crunch, you’ve got better things to do! A speedy and efficient cleaning routine can help you spend time on the more important things in life.

We spend too much time cleaning. With a few tips from us, you’ll figure out how to clean your house faster (and better!).

Get the Good Stuff

The better the product you use, the quicker it will clean. Finding a good product that works for you, can save you a whole bunch of time!

Go on a shopping spree (after a bit of product research) and buy new cleaning supplies. Dry dust cloths, disposable floor mops, and disinfectant wipes should certainly be on your list!

Most important cleaning product you should upgrade? Your vacuum!

With a good vacuum, you can reduce overlap and quickly pick up dust and dandruff from all types of floors.

Protip: if you have pets, get a vacuum made specifically for pet hair! You will see the difference almost immediately.

Strategize, Organize

Have a game plan in mind. A good way to drag your cleaning process out is to move aimlessly from room to room, picking things up.

Start and complete one room before moving on to another. Get a small cleaning caddy with everything you’ll need, and bring it with you as you make your way around the house. You may think it is easier to just finish one task at a time (wipe all the counters, vacuum the whole floor, etc.), but cleaning one room at a time will help you stay focused and get the job done quicker.

More Junk in the Trunks

Besides the obvious mental and physical health benefits it provides, reducing clutter is also a simple way to clean your house fast (and keep it clean!).

If you have less junk lying around your house, it is easier to clean quickly. Having a junk drawer, bin, or closet is super handy, as well.

Half of your cleaning time is likely spent putting stuff away before wiping everything down. By shortening this one step, you will save a ton of time cleaning.

Cleaning Service, Please

Isn’t this what fancy people do?

Getting a professional cleaner in your house will, of course, make it easier to clean your home more quickly, right?

Well, yes. But the key here is to space out your cleaning visits. Having a professional come in once every few months to do a “deep clean” will cut down your routine cleaning time.

Not Quite Confident on How to Clean Your House Faster?

Need some more tips on how to clean your house faster? Crave some guidance? We’re here for you!

Cleaning can be an annoying and arduous task, why tackle it yourself?

Let Cleaning Spaces be your guide, and you’ll be cleaning your house faster in no time.