Did you know the kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in a home? That’s right! A kitchen can easily become full of bacteria from cooking and messy hands. 

Although surface cleaning in a kitchen is necessary on a daily basis, it’s also essential to conduct deep cleaning as well. A good kitchen deep cleaning will ensure your home’s kitchen is clean and you and your family are healthy. To ensure you don’t miss a single thing, you’ll want to have a kitchen deep cleaning checklist handy.

Below, you’ll find the only checklist you’ll need to perform a thorough kitchen deep clean. Continue reading below to get started!

Tops of Cabinets, Refrigerators, and Exhaust Fans

Are you ready to begin? Excellent! When starting to deep clean your kitchen, begin at the top and work your way down. 

This is the most effective way to clean any room in your home. Start by wiping down the tops of cabinets, the top of your refrigerator, and the tops of exhaust fans. All of these surfaces can collect dust and other debris. 

As you wipe these surfaces down, some dust might find its way to the floor but don’t panic, you’ll clean that up later. 

Light Fixtures and Counter Tops

Next, it’s time to tackle light fixtures and countertops. Light fixtures will also collect dust and are commonly forgotten about. Once you wipe the light fixtures down, be sure to wipe down the countertops. 

Remove all items off of the counters before doing so. This includes appliances. You want to access the entire counter before cleaning it. 

All Walls and Doors

Now it’s time to wipe down all walls and doors. Take a soft cloth dipped in a cleaning solution and wipe down all of the doors and walls in the kitchen. This should include the refrigerator door and sides. 

You also want to wipe down the sides of cabinets as well. Don’t forget to open the doors and wipe down the inside of them too. Now is also the perfect time to clear out the inside of cabinets and drawers to wipe them down and organize. 

All Appliances Inside and Out

Any appliances in the kitchen, including microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, blenders, and any other appliances should be wiped down inside and out. Even if the appliances aren’t used often or don’t seem dirty, it’s still a good idea to wipe them down. 

Dust, cooking grease, and other kitchen or cooking debris can stick onto the surfaces of the appliances and should be removed. 

Sinks and Garbage Disposal

As you might have noticed, garbage disposals can get a bit stinky sometimes. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of your sink and the garbage disposal also. There are a few different ways to clean the inside of a garbage disposal. 

You can use store-bought cleaners or even natural cleaners at home to clean the disposal. For example, lemons are a great way to get the disposal clean!

Keep This Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist Handy

If your kitchen is in need of good cleaning, then you’ll want to keep this kitchen deep cleaning checklist handy. Be sure to follow each of these steps listed above to leave your kitchen sparkling clean. 

Do you need a helping hand deep cleaning your kitchen? The professionals at Cleaning Spaces are happy to help!

Request a quote today and enjoy a clean and healthy kitchen.